• It's Time to Get Outside! Here's What You Should Know if You Want to Try an Outdoor Bootcamp

    The weather is starting to warm up in many parts of the nation, and we're still in the middle of a pandemic, which means outdoor fitness classes are going to be more popular than ever this season! Here's what you need to know before you get outdoors for your first workout.
  • Top 5 Yoga Poses for Strong Abs

    Yoga is one of the best ways to build a stronger core. That includes your abdominal muscles as well as your obliques and low back. A strong core is key for a healthy back and overall strength and fitness. Many yoga poses will build your ab muscles, but which ones are the best?

  • 6 Simple Tips for Learning How to Love Yourself

    What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see friend or foe? If you're like the majority of people, it's a little bit of both, but often more animosity than love. So are you doomed to a life of self-loathing? Hell no! Learning to love yourself is a practice, and practice makes p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶ pretty good.
  • The 5 Best Fat-Burning Workouts You Need to Be Doing Right Now

    Jogging is fine, and you might even enjoy doing it. But let’s be frank here:

    It's not as effective for burning fat as more intense exercise. To get the same results, you have to jog for way longer. We’re not always blessed with a flexible schedule that allows for such long workouts. And, it can be super boring. 

  • Five Foundational Yoga Poses Everyone Should Know

    Most of us can find at least 10 minutes a day in a quiet place to practice a few asana (yoga postures). Even a quick but consistent practice can help you reap the many mind-body benefits of yoga. But which ones should you do? Here are five basic but essential yoga postures you should be practicing.  
  • 10 Kick-Ass Black Women in History You Probably Didn't Hear About in School - Part I

    It happens to be Black History Month, but any time is a good time to learn about inspiring black women in history. Sadly, these women are often forgotten by historians and therefore absent from high school and college curricula. Here's the first part of a two-part series introducing you to 10 kick-ass black women you might not know about. 
  • How Much Rest Do I Need Between Weightlifting Workouts?

    Some people dread going into the gym, while others can't wait to get back in and do it again. If you're in the latter group, you might wonder how much recovery you actually need between workouts. Generally, 24 to 48 hours is sufficient, but there's more to it than just the hours on the clock. 
  • Black History Month | Focus on Women

    This month we are celebrating inspiring Black women in history as well as those making history! We'll be posting here throughout the month about su...
  • Knee Pain During Squats? Here’s What Could Be the Problem

    Knee pain during squats getting you down? With proper biomechanics and the absence of preexisting knee conditions, you should be able to squat deeply, with or without additional weight, and not feel pain in your knees. Some issues that could cause pain include hip muscle weakness, diminished joint mobility or poor form. 
  • 7 Ways to Use Workout Wisdom in Everyday Life

    Inside or outside the gym, consistency is key to success. You may not be an athlete or have the ideal body type, but if you work hard and smart, you can excel at marathon-running, bodybuilding or Pilates — or all three!

    The same is true in your day-to-day life. Want to get promoted at work? Want to have an enriching romantic relationship and friendships? The strategies are the same ones you use in your workouts. 

  • Everything You Need to Know to Bust Belly Fat and Build a Big Booty

    A taught tummy and full behind comprise the classic hourglass figure that is the trademark of pop culture's hottest celebrities. How do they achieve it? Probably with the assistance of personal trainers and strict meal plans made just for them.

    If you're not a celebrity, you can still get the results you want, you just need to commit to the right diet and exercise plan. 

  • The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the Gym

    You finally did it! You got a gym membership. If you're pumped to get started, but a little nervous at the same time, don't sweat it. Almost everyone is a little bewildered when they first enter a gym. Where do you even start?