About Us

PIXIBU is the passion project of a former personal trainer, yoga teacher, and health & fitness journalist. Out of an enduring love of yoga pants and all things athleisure, as well as a passion for fun design and a great admiration for "daring dressers," PIXIBU was born.

Everyone needs a great pair of black leggings — like a little black dress, they’re a necessary staple in any gal’s wardrobe. But you're not going to find that here. PIXIBU is all about having fun and standing out from the crowd. Our motto is, “Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” 

Perhaps more important is our other motto: "Community first, commerce second." Of course, everyone starts a business with the idea of monetary success. But that is not what drives PIXIBU. What drives us is a genuine passion for forming a community in which women feel supported and empowered. We strive to connect with our customers on a personal level through our social media and blog content.

We also believe in giving back and regularly donate a portion of our profits to woman-centered nonprofit organizations. Recently, our International Women's Day sale supported the National Women's Law Center, and a portion of proceeds from our monthly artist series goes to nonprofits supporting women in the arts. When you shop with us, you're shopping with a purpose!

Our goal as a brand is to offer value far beyond our physical products. So, come for the super soft, vibrant leggings, tanks, tees, hoodies, and dresses, but come back for the community and the cause. OK, and more leggings, tanks, tees, hoodies, and dresses — because you can never have too many! 😊

Ready to join us? After you shop, definitely come visit us on Instagram and say hi! We'd love to hear from you personally. 

And please don't hesitate to reach out to us here with any other questions or comments. We think customer connection and feedback is the only way to grow into the brand we want to be, so we want to hear from you!