What Are Rash Guards and Should You Try Them?

Whether you surf, hike, bike, or just spend a lot of time outdoors, anyone can benefit from wearing a rash guard. These activewear tops are the go-to in the fitness industry for keeping you comfortable, protected, and looking cute! Learn more about why you should try a rash guard for yourself with our insight below.

Rash guards are athletic shirts that surfers typically wear to protect their skin when they’re out on the water. They get their name for the protection they provide against abrasion and UV rays. But PIXIBU rash guards are more than just functional surf wear. Offering UPF 40 sun protection, they can shield you while doing any type of water sport, on a beach day, or while hiking, biking, or playing any outdoor sport in the sun. With their breathability and sweat-wicking capabilities, they're also great for running and as an extra layer for winter sports.

Talk about the ultimate in versatility, we even wear PIXIBU rash guards as part of our everyday outfits! They look just as good with a pair of running shorts as they do with your favorite pair of jeans. 

To recap, rash guards serve many purposes:

  • Prevents rashes: Just as its name suggests, rash guards are intended to help prevent rashes. The sand and the surface of surfboards can be abrasive, which can make slipping and sliding against your surfboard especially painful without a rash guard. 
  • Shields against water elements: The ocean is filled with many foreign substances, from animals to trash. Rash guards help protect your body from creepy crawlers and gross garbage. 
  • Protects from sun damage: The best rash guards will ensure that you are safe from the sun with full sleeves. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should forgo sunscreen when you are off playing in the sun. SPF is always necessary! 
  • As an extra layer while hiking or running: Rash guards can be especially useful as an extra layer of protection against branches, rocks, and the sun when you’re out on the trails. They are also equally useful if all you need is a light layer when out for a run.
  • For everyday wear: These super soft, lightweight shirts are even great with a pair of jeans. While they are traditionally known for being activewear tops, we wear rash guards as athleisure as well!

Our Katie long-sleeve rash guard features an original print created exclusively for PIXIBU by California abstract artist Katie Kaapcke. You'll find the artist's signature discreetly placed near the bottom hem. It's like wearing a signed work of art!

Should You Try Rash Guards?

Absolutely! Everyone needs protection from the sun and other elements while they’re enjoying the outdoors. These buttery soft long-sleeved rash guards are the perfect layer for water sports, a beach day, gardening, winter sports, running, or just running errands. Our gorgeous, unique designs will add a creative touch to any activewear or athleisure outfit, because blending into the crowd is not an option here!

Get Your Rash Guards From PIXIBU

Our rash guards are crafted from a breathable, quick-drying material with UPF 40 sun protection. They are made from tailor-fit, wrinkle-free material to ensure that you’ll look smart whether you’re catching waves or hanging by the pool. 

Shop now to get the stylish rash guards you’ve been looking for! 

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